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Réka Valkai

Réka Valkai was born in Osijek (Croatia) in 1990. Currently studying in Budapest English language and History of Art.

She started with photography in 2007, during high school. A friend showed her one photo portal for amateur and professional photographers where she soon began to publish her works in which people left positive reviews and comments what motivate her and assist it in further developing. Her photographs were photo of the day on various portals, and in Digital Photo Magazine came out seven times.
In late 2007, she organized the first solo exhibition in Kopačevo on the Fishermen’s Day. In 2008 she met Bogdan Radenkovic, an excellent artist from Serbia, which has inspired her and he was one of the biggest influences on her work and development. For months she studied the works of the great masters and Magnum photographers and slowly herself started with the street photography and portrait photography. During 2009 and 2010 she worked first conceptual series “Ladies Man” and had two exhibitions, one in Budapest and another in Krapina. Nine of her street images were published in the collection of short stories (Balázs Györe: Hova mész, Budapest). Self-portrait – “Punk-Androgyn” was shortlisted in the competition “Digital Photographer of the Year 2010: Creative License”. In 2011 she had four exhibitions among which was the most successful “Hello Summer” – a project on which she worked over the summer with seventy people. The same photos were exhibited in Russia in Kaliningrad within one “Summer Festival”. She works with Pleasure magazine and a publishing house “Mojzer” in Budapest. In 2012 began to collaborate with fashion models and is currently working on a series of nudes “Nuda.Musica.Veritas”.

Photography became her best instrument for self-expression. As she says: “Through the photography I can show you how I see and experience the world around me, the people who surround me. Thanks to photography, I met a wonderful and creative people and some of them over the years have become my best friends. Among them are colleagues Mario Romulić and Dražen Stojčić – who helped me when I needed it the most when in an exhibition in Budapest someone stole my camera.”

She likes to work with people (because it is always very cheerful) and take pictures of the cities. Over the years, she visited Paris, London, Prague, Belgrade and Venice, and her wish was to sort soon a photo-book of these photographs. She also plans to organize another exhibition of black and white photographs of the cities.

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