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Robert Blaskovic

A professional photographer, who has been engaged in photography for more than 15 years, the last ten very actively. He has exhibited on several individual and group exhibitions, his photographs were awarded and published in the photo (nine times in Digital Photo magazine), car, motorcycle and travel magazines, Playboy, various daily newspapers, portals, often with the authorial texts. He has more published photos on different calendars, as well as on the covers of music and promo CDs and DVDs.
He has extensive experience with photography of models, landscapes, portraits, and other types of photography, such as commercial photography. Besides photography he is also involved with journalism.

He is the founder and chief editor of the Croatian lifestyle edition “Pleasure”, the magazine of the beauty of life, as well as the new edition of “Pleasure to GO!” magazine for people on the move. He is also a graphic designer. For this reason there is a broad practical knowledge and experience in programs for photo editing and publishing.
He is the founder and owner of the company for the past 20 years.

He is a member of the Presidency of the Croatian “Association of Photographers of Istria,” as well as a member of the top of the organizational team of the traditional Croatian event “Photo ex tempore” in Istria, where has been working on the organization and management of large groups of international photographers at various locations within the theme of the event.
Co-producer of two DVDs “Basics of photography” and “Bodypainting”, and lately is more and more engaged with video recording and video editing.
It’s the leader the individual photo workshops, and courses of practical shooting and processing images.

He launched this photo portal/agency which in one place brings together international photo workshops, school of photography, professional counselling when purchasing photo equipment, as well as a place where the photographers from all over the world will represent and “hang out”.

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