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Lovro Barbalic


Lovro Barbalić was born in 1973 in Pula (Croatia).

“Before I started with photography I was convinced that I inherited nothing from my mother an artist. My first camera I bought in 1994. It was a time of analogue photography when was being filmed just a bit of pictures, and much more time was devoted to thinking about about shooting of every scene. At that time I considered the photography just one of my numerous hobbies, but I never thought that would thus actually i could make money. Soon after, as a student in Padova in Italy, I had the opportunity to work in an Italian sports newspaper and the experience I gained over the years has been invaluable.

With the emergence of digital photography, and also upon returning to Croatia in 1999, I temporarily put the photography on the side. The possibilities to live from photography were poor, especially in sports photography, which I previously practiced the most. There were also no quality laboratories in Croatia which could develop the diapositives. For all these reasons I slowly started to give up the idea of earning for a living by photographing. I was actively involved in photography again in 2007, and after three years of intensive recording I decided to present my work in several galleries.

I tried to capture and convey through my photos impressive moments I have ever experienced. Such photos for me will always have immeasurable value because allows us to go back to a time when they were taken, and for others offer the possibility of the experience of these my moments, at least to a certain extent, because each moment is unique.

Look at my gallery and judge for yourself the way I see and experience the photography.”


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