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Presentations of photographers

Photographers are artists in stopping moment that will never happen again. They have a sense of detail that “ordinary” eye often miss. They’re taking us to places where we have never been and show us the world in a completely different light. We hope that photo gallery, of famous and less-known photographers, will wake up some new feelings. Enjoy!

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Only quality photos achieves a superior effect, whether it is about advertising, portrait, scenic or any other type of photography. So explore our diverse range of services in the field of photography and design.

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Photo workshops

Learn to use your personal creativity and how to motivate yourself to obtain digital lab-quality images, its print and its possible sale. Interestingly practical learning with an INDIVIDUAL approach, with the experiences and practices, with the theory that is taught “on the go”.

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Photo tours

Enjoy your travels in a completely different way, enjoying the lovely vistas across the Croatia and beyond. Capture with camera the memorable moments from Dubrovnik to Istria, from the coast to the inland. Indulge yourself to the photographer/guides with years of experience that will make your holiday unique.

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